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Differentiator of SilverODC

  • Silver Touch is a partner, not a vendor

    Semaphore Software emphasizes more on working with the clients as a reliable partner to help them achieve their business goals rather than just being a vendor.

    Without getting deterred by factors such as differences of geographies, cultures and time zones, Semaphore’s stays committed to provide excellent team collaboration with our partners(clients). Semaphore has secured a proven track record of success through implementation of this approach that has helped our clients from IT innovations and R&D domains. Semaphore’s friendly approach has enabled our teams to build happy, private relationships with client’s team members. We provide dedicated support to our client as per their requirements.

  • Agile Development

    As a result of frequent and uncertain changes and more competition, on-demand technology services for agility are a challenge to traditional businesses having software development unit.

    SilverODC takes into consideration an ad-hoc requirement of clients and implements software development work efficiently.

  • Security and IP Protection

    SilverODC has strict security norms to protect client’s Intellectual Property. Each offshore development unit are having biometric physical access controls, world class firewalls and strict end point security at work stations.

    Semaphore ensures following in place to protect client’s rights-

    • Non-disclosure agreement with client
    • Non-disclosure agreement with employees
    • Data security policy complaint to ISO 27001 standards
    • CCTV Surveillance of Offshore Development Center
    • End Point security and Firewall