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ODC Readiness Assessment

ODC Readiness Assessment

ODC Readiness Assessment is our first step towards helping our clients, who are seeking to start their IT center in India.

Our comprehensive and well-defined business readiness assessment plan assists our clients to map out their expectations and requirements, according to their business goals and required team matrix.

We employ the best practice model to determine the relevance of any application or assignment which is outsourced.

Start Assessment for captive IT center - SilverODC

Thank you for your interest in our service.

Following some questions will help us get your meaninngful proposal.

Let's talk about your requirement first:

What would you like to setup?

By when you would like to start? Months

Something more about you.

Have you ever outsourced?

Are you having any process implemented internally like CMMI-5?

Do you know anything about traditional outsourcing business models?

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Your specail requirment of the office space and IT infastructure

SilverODC offers standard package with 4 front desk, Air conditionning, brand new desktops , 5 mbps fiber internet , houser keeping , Biometric physical Access, Payroll Processing , Dedicated Cafeteria fridged & Microwaves.


Would you like to try with smaller Team & Flexi traditional outsourcing model prior to start ODC ?

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